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August 30, 2009

Mike Caro on Aces and Kings in Holdem Poker

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Poker tips from professional playersThe Difference Between Aces And Kings In Hold’em
In hold ’em, you hear a lot of talk about aces and kings being the ultimate hands. That’s true, but don’t be too quick to put them in the same category, as many players do. A pair of aces before the flop logically belongs in a category all to itself.

Here’s how often each hand wins against nine opponents holding random hands when everyone stays to the river…

A-A = 31% (21 percentage points higher than a fair share)

K-K = 26% (16 percentage points higher than a fair share)

What really makes the difference is that, when you consider actual betting strategy, A-A is much more likely to gain extra bets and to stay out of trouble. For this reason, in the hands of a professional, A-A can be almost twice as profitable as K-K overall in a full-handed game.

That’s something to keep in mind.

Are Kings Almost As Profitable As Aces In Hold’em?
Kings are nowhere near as profitable as aces in hold ’em. Although the difference is much slighter between smaller adjacent pairs, such as eights and sevens, there’s a very large gap between aces and kings in terms of profit when played correctly. Averaging all situations together, figure aces to be worth about 40 percent more than kings.

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