No Limit Poker – Over Betting Strategy to Catch the “Heroes”

No limit Texas hold’em betting is about getting value on the hand that you have.

If you have a big hand, you want to get big value on it. But it’s no secret that a value bet is a sign that you have a good hand, and you’re betting the most you think will get called by your opponent. These days it seems that the “value” bet is no longer good value.

Depending on the situation, betting a typical value bet amount at the end of a hand in today’s game may not be the best move anymore. If the situation is right you could get much more “value” on your big hand if you make a bet that’s way too much for the situation normally.

Today’s poker player watches lots of TV action and they want to make tough calls when they think that a player may be bluffing so that they can look like their TV heroes at the showdown. If you’re in a hand against a player like this, making an over bet will often look like a desperation bluff (to him). If that opponent has a hand that’s good enough, they’ll make the “hero call” on your big hand.

The move works the best when you’ve been making smaller bets on the earlier streets and there are possible straight or flush draws on the board. If no cards come for the straight or flush, and you suddenly make a big bet, many experienced players will think you were semi-bluffing all the way, and now you’re making a desperation bet because you missed your draw.

Remember the whole point is to out-think your opponent – so you have to pitch this at the right level – if you are playing against a player who is thinking one step ahead then you need to be two steps.

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